5 Computer Deployment Nightmares (and How to Avoid Them with Automation)

5 Computer Deployment Nightmares (and How to Avoid Them with Automation)

Avoid Integration Nightmares with Deployment Cloud automation.

A lot is at stake with computer deployment --- setting up new employees, handling critical operations, keeping teams functioning, and working remotely just to name a few. When small problems can cascade into major issues, it’s worth getting it done right the first time. Here are five deployment nightmares, and how automated deployment can minimize and/or eliminate these altogether.


Human error

Code errors, server issues, misreading text/instructions.


Communication breakdowns

Wrong versions, duplicate work, delayed approvals.


No backup plan

If deployment fails, you need the ability to roll back to previous versions.


Compliance issues

Compliance problems with data can mean unhappy customers and even legal fees.


Lack of testing

Build must integrate with all processes & be tested in production environment.

Level up your deployment game.

Automated Deployment handles all of this by:

  • Eliminating the human element
  • Meticulously logging versions, changes, approvals
  • Maintaining “roll back” options
  • Integrating with compliance features
  • Vigorously testing in your environment

Deployment Cloud will help you:

  • Maintain consistency across all deployments and images
  • Simplify maintenance over time
  • Improve efficiency in your staging and technical teams
  • Eliminate the need for bootkeys and manual selection of system images
  • Remove the guesswork and boot direct to cloud
  • Handle local caching with transfer speeds up to 400MB/sec

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