5 Key Benefits of IT Remote Monitoring & Management for a Growing Business

5 Key Benefits of IT Remote Monitoring & Management for a Growing Business

Do you know what's actually happening behind the scenes of your tech?

When you have professionals handling remote monitoring and management of your IT and business data, you have peace of mind. They keep your software updated, data backed up, and protect you from cyber threats.

Remote monitoring and management is an important tool in the management of your servers, PCs, and devices. It allows for quick detection of problems, often before they’re ever even noticed. And when it comes to ransomware, every second counts. The stakes are high and your business (and your money) is on the line.

So why not have a team that continually watches over the stability and security of your network? Why not reduce your risk of downtime and disruptions allowing you to focus on your business? Here are five key reasons to consider remote monitoring and management (RMM) as an important investment for your firm.

Ransomware Detection

For ransomware protection, a multi-layered approach is recommended, one that includes:

  • Blocking phishing emails that might contain ransomware
  • Implementing a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan (BCDR), and
  • Threat detection & mitigation.

With an RMM solution, you can:

  • Get immediate alerts when an attack begins and when files start getting encrypted
  • Isolate the infected machine to prevent further spread
  • Shut down the attack and immediately begin recovery & remediation
  • Catch even the most new and sophisticated attacks.

Proactive Support

Continuous monitoring means proactive problem solving, and fixing issues before they affect your network or your business. This includes using automated software patching; meaning you won’t be left vulnerable to known exploits, checking all devices on your network for security, and ensuring smooth running 24/7.

Rapid Response

You can count on having remote support for any device from anywhere within a few moments. There’s no need for your RMM team to be there on-site. They can execute scripts and do maintenance tasks, even off-hours. Automated remediation tools mean issues can be addressed without any business impact.

Actionable Insight

With an RMM solution, you can gain key insight into how your tech assets are performing. Enjoy thorough audits of all devices and activities across your network. Armed with detailed reports relevant to your business you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your technology.

World-class Security

When your back-end platform is built with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you’re protected by a thoroughly tested and hardened cloud infrastructure. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection, and advanced security controls and privacy features make it possible to require manual approval before remoting into your machine.

Remote monitoring brings visibility & control to your IT

handling everything from hardware, software, licensing, security, response, resource management, product life cycles, and more. Choose the experts to keep your tech optimized and make disruptions a thing of the past.

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