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Welcome to Healthcare Adaptive Computing Solutions.

Our Mission: To help healthcare OEM Partners and System Integrators succeed with their products and go-to-market strategies by providing zero-touch deployments, supply chain management, logistics, and consistency to their solutions.

We were founded in 2009 as PHPDevzone, a local NJ I.T. service provider. In 2018 we rebranded our company as DBA- Healthcare Adaptive Computing Solutions (HACS). Since then, we have changed our focus to be a  dedicated healthcare OEM solution provider in the healthcare industry. 

HACS EnDeploy™ is our OEM deployment & provisioning tool based on a manufacturing process. With HACS EnDeploy™, we can have an enterprise-level solution at a fraction of the cost. EnDeploy™ takes care of updates, injecting only the drivers you need for your specific device. It’s fully customizable, including scripts and tasks. It's far superior to the traditional “one image per model” system. Get windows deployments, updates, and patches via the cloud. Roll out new systems easily across your whole environment. Detect outdated software and address it right away. With its “zero-touch” provisioning, EnDeploy™ makes your OEM solution consistent & speeds up your go-to-market.

HACS is ISO 9001 Certified

We are ISO 9001 certified for our Development of Automated Deployment /Provisioning for Computers Along with Computer/Hardware Sales & Distribution.

Our Team

Jose Rodriguez Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Jose joined HACS in 2018 as sales and marketing vice president to oversee the company's growth and develop strategic OEM, vendor, and partner relationships. Jose brings over 30 years of experience in the Radiology and Healthcare fields. After starting a career as a Radiology Technologist in Puerto Rico,  Jose moved into the world of healthcare sales and clinical specialists for brands like GE Healthcare, Philips, Medison, Shimadzu, and others. Shortly after, he migrated into channel sales, moved to the US, and held the position of Sales Manager, Digital Sales Specialist, and Director of Sales and Mobile Imaging Specialist. Jose brings to HACS extensive experience and understanding of the nuances of the Radiology field, encompassing Digital Radiology, PACS, Ultrasound, Bone Density, CT, Nuclear Medicine, and PET. Jose is a dedicated husband and father of Six children.

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