Bare Metal Server Benefits: No Noisy Neighbors

Bare Metal Server Benefits: No Noisy Neighbors

Ditch the resource-hogs on your server with Bare Metal.

You wouldn’t share a neighborhood with noisy neighbors, so why share a server and bandwidth with them?

No Noisy Neighbors on Your Server

The noisy neighbor effect refers to the performance degradation that occurs when using a multi-tenant, resource-sharing cloud computing service. This can make it difficult to do direct comparisons of performance on different cloud hosting services, due to issues related to virtual machines and cache contamination.

Shared Infrastructure Issues

That means if you use a cloud hosting solution, other users on your server could be crowding up your bandwidth --- and you could be getting inconsistent performance at different days/times --- making it difficult to do accurate comparisons across services.

When it comes to your company data, trust a dedicated solution with safety, privacy, and stability. A bare-metal server is a physical computer server offered for rental. Unlike a shared cloud storage solution, there are no virtual servers running, and each piece of physical hardware is dedicated solely to that customer.

They may support multiple users and are often rented for a low monthly fee.
With Bare Metal Services, rather than using a shared cloud storage solution you:

  • Have a dedicated hardware solution
  • Don’t share with any other users
  • Enjoy greater processing power
  • Have no surprise costs (fixed rate)

Take control of your cloud services. Switch to Bare Metal Services --- the smarter way to cloud.

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