Bare Metal Services

We need a server for our database.
How do we switch to the cloud without breaking the bank? Can you support us?

Does this sound familiar? Are you tired of the per millisecond (data-pull-based) fee structures offered by the big players like Amazon & Azure? With a Bare Metal server from HACS, you’ll have totally fixed costs with no surprises. Your bill will only increase when your hardware does!

With Amazon or Azure, you’re given a virtual machine with a finite size & speed. If you exceed, you will be charged more, it’s as simple as that. Sure you might get up and running very quickly with these standard options, but they really won’t be designed exactly for you.

But with a Bare Metal server from HACS, you’ll rest assured knowing that you have a partner with the business sense, the technological bandwidth, and the experience to deliver you with a customized and personalized solution. Not only that, your costs will be totally transparent.

Examples of server customizations that bare metal customers often need include:

  • Application support
  • Merchant accounts (for ecommerce)
  • Data tracking & analytics
  • Back-up & disaster recovery solutions
  • The ability to move your data around freely
  • Following regulations (including HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, etc.)

You can’t afford to have your bill triple. You need off-shoots. Perhaps some of your environment is on one server, and another is on a different one. Maybe your new off-shoot business segment doesn’t need to live in the cloud. With Bare Metal servers & support from HACS, you’ll get only what you NEED and nothing more.

We’ll review your current setup, and even any other quotes you’ve received. We’ll help you understand EXACTLY what you need, and what is superfluous. In our initial discovery phase, we’ll give you an idea of what you might be spending one, two, even five years down the road as your business scales.

Cloud Services Bare Metal Server Customer Example

A mid-sized healthcare company rushed to market and set up a new cloud server with Amazon or Azure. They got it set up very quickly, but not actually correctly. They spent tens of thousands of dollars developing applications on proprietary servers, and now, they need to move them. That means they need to rebuild certain parts of their applications. Developing apps for the cloud is very expensive. Only after they’ve spent even more money with developers can they switch.

The HACS Difference

  • Continuous education & knowledge (our teams are always up-to-date with the latest tech)
  • Hands-on with hardware
  • We listen to our customers intently and strive to fully understand their business, their goals, and their plans for scaling in the future.
  • We never over-charge, but pride ourselves on delivering only the optimal solution for each client.
  • We make it easy, cost-effective, and scalable to switch to a bare metal server in the cloud.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your server is set up correctly and that it’s customized and personalized to your exact business needs. There will be no smoke and mirror, just honesty and commitment. Although we are in a high-tech field, we pride ourselves on doing business the old-fashioned way, being a reliable and honest tech partner, and helping your business grow.

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