HACS Deployment Cloud: Imaging Made Easy

HACS Deployment Cloud: Imaging Made Easy

A business computing solution for PC images, apps, drivers, software updates, and remote management.

Imaging | App Deployment | Drivers | Windows Migration | Remote Management

Are you struggling with IT infrastructure growing pains? Hiring remote workers and having issues getting them properly set up with the right tools and technologies? Can’t get new PCs and laptops set up fast enough? Have a backlog of equipment waiting to get distributed?

Drivers done right

  • Injecting only the drivers you need for your specific device
  • Fully customizable --- including scripts and tasks
  • Far superior to the traditional “one image per model” system

Enhanced endpoint management

  • Deliver images, software, patches, etc. via cloud
  • No need to be on the corporate network or a VPN
  • Store your image in the cloud safely

Sophisticated software solution

  • Roll out new systems easily across your whole environment
  • Detect outdated software and address right away
  • Latest software patches & settings with new deployments

Manage machines from anywhere

  • One disk image --- correctly maintained and ready to roll out
  • Can be used on any machine in your office, regardless of make or model
  • Users, apps, operating systems, and drivers all handled by pros

With Deployment Cloud, you can have an enterprise level solution at a fraction of the cost. Don’t let deployments, updates, and software management slow you down. Trust professionals to keep your business running at warp speed; Windows deployments, updates, and patches and more. This is the perfect solution for hybrid remote and on-site work environments.

“HACS’ deployment services have decreased our build time and increased our level of credibility to our customers.”

--- Lane N. | Cuattro Americas

5 Years of Experience
15,000+ Hardware Deployments
250+ Customers
1 Mission

The Solution for OEMs

Are you an OEM manufacturer that requires a computer to run your solution or device? Perhaps a product manager, operations professional, staging & deployment technician, and/or purchasing agent?

How would you like to streamline your process of staging and deploying new units and maintaining system images? What if you could automate the process and thereby remove many of the all-too-common errors?

Understanding Deployment Cloud

HACS Deployment Cloud leverages module-based architecture to reduce the go-to-market time for new products, leaving your team free to focus on R & D and validation.The transition to new models of hardware is totally seamless; no extra steps and no delays. Upgrade hardware easily whenever you’d like.

Due to the modularized nature of our system, updating the software version in your current image no longer requires you to go back and update all images. Simply update the provisioning with the new version and move on to validation. Device drivers are maintained separately from the operating system, meaning updating drivers is as simple as a drag and drop process. Deployment Cloud virtually eliminates the tiresome work of maintaining system images saving you time and money.

Deployment Cloud will help you:

  • Maintain consistency across all deployments and images
  • Simplify maintenance over time
  • Improve efficiency in your staging and technical teams
  • Eliminate the need for bootkeys and manual selection of system images
  • Remove the guesswork and boot direct to cloud
  • Handle local caching with transfer speeds up to 400MB/sec

All you need to do is give us 45 minutes of your time. We’ll do all the coding and scripting necessary to bring you a solution. Implementation takes between two and three weeks depending on the size and scope of the project.

We understand that a lot is at stake, namely the transition between products can be daunting, resources can be overloaded, and the potential for human error is high. Let HACS manage and maintain your platform under your team's direction, and get back to doing what you do best!

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