Hidden Costs: Windows Updates & Business Continuity

Hidden Costs: Windows Updates & Business Continuity

Don't get caught off-guard from updates shutting down your entire system.

Each and every day, the computer systems of businesses across the world grind to a halt. Not from malicious attacks from hackers, but from something less frightening yet equally as disruptive; basic errors in Windows updates, and issues with equipment deployments, transitions & upgrades.

Employees can’t access workstations. Warehouses can’t access shipping & logistics data. Manufacturers can’t ship technology products without corresponding new computers. Work can’t get done, customers are aggravated, the brand takes a hit, and everyone is frustrated to say the least.

Things as simple as a Windows update, or issuing new computers to staff become major headaches for your IT team. Overworked IT teams are saying “don’t update,” and computers are staying outdated, laggy and vulnerable. Until something happens.

That’s why we must ask ourselves:

  • What if we’re down for a day?
  • How about a week?
  • What will that cost?
  • What is our business continuity worth to us?

When employees are unproductive, that’s less revenue for the business.

When customer service falls behind, so does reputation and customer satisfaction.

When inter-company teams turn against each other, morale is crushed.

When management has less insight into performance, profitability crumbles.

All of these situations are often directly attributable to preventable failures with IT infrastructure. Basic things as software patches and new PCs can quickly snowball into major problems. To free ourselves from that worry, we have to shift our thought process. We must ask intelligently, what can we do to proactively avoid this?

Do any of these concerns come up often?
For cloud backup and security services

  • Have a cloud service contract that's about to expire and come up for renewal?
  • Are you upset with your current provider?
  • Don’t know what to do exactly?
  • Not sure how to choose the right service cloud provider?

If so, you likely could use the help of a capable cloud service and computer hardware deployment partner. It might be one of the smartest investments in your business you’ll make all year.

Stop stressing about managing your IT continuity

HACS Service Cloud takes the guesswork out of IT business continuity. New PCs, maintenance, and security all under one roof. After an initial consultation of under an hour, you’ll be on your way to stress-free IT infrastructure for your business.

Major savings.
Fewer headaches.
Better computers.
Mission accomplished.

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