OEM Hardware Integrations

Automated Hardware Deployment for OEM Partners
Having trouble sourcing hardware? Spending too much time making it work for you?

You need an experienced professional to:

  • Evaluate your current solution and full scope of needs
  • Establish a product offering matrix with hardware configurations
  • Standardize your staging process
  • Manage product lifecycle & supply needs
  • Handle CTO and master contract pricing
  • Handle ISV Certification and benchmarking of solutions
  • Show proof of concept of the solution for testing
  • Demonstrate transition readiness for testing new hardware

An IT infrastructure deployment typically involves defining the sequence of operations or steps, often referred to as the deployment plan, that must be carried to deliver changes into a target system environment.

The individual operations within a deployment plan can be executed manually or automatically.

Manual imaging and staging can create potential problems and requires lots of hours of monitoring and extreme and constant overview of the process.

Automated deployment, on the other hand, helps OEMs streamline staging cycles.

Our automated deployment process works on the fundamentals of provisioning your hardware to work with your software solutions and devices.

All hardware provided through our deployment services will arrive ready to deploy.

After your provisioning is completed we manage your image inventory and provide system image updates and maintenance

New Model Transition Cycle

When a new model becomes available, we will start the testing providing the OEM with new test boxes that will work to configure and deploy. Once the new model is cleared, it will get released for new orders. No more painful last minute model changes. Make your solution outperform!

When deployment is automated, your IT professionals can instead focus on critical tasks like cloud & security.

Examples of processes handled by automated deployment include:

  • Microsoft Sysprep
  • Driver installations
  • Common apps
  • Antivirus
  • Encryption
  • & more.

An end-to-end solution that frees up your time. Stay on time and under budget.

The initial setup that HACS can do as well as the timely manner they respond in and the turn around time of the product has made our processes much quicker and more efficient.

Uriel Verstegen | Fovea Digital Radiography | Fovea Technologies

Hardware Models

HPE Servers:

DL 360
DL 380

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