Sourcing hardware and struggling with manual deployment? Our professional automated hardware deployment services are tailored for OEM partners, ensuring a seamless experience in the following areas:

Evaluation and Needs Assessment:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your current solution and identify optimal hardware configurations for your product offerings.

Product Offering Matrix:

  • Access a clear overview of available hardware configurations, enabling informed decision-making.

Staging Process Standardization:

  • Eliminate manual imaging and staging, reducing issues and saving time and effort.

Lifecycle and Supply Management:

  • Expertly manage the entire product lifecycle, ensuring a consistent hardware supply.

CTO and Master Contract Pricing:

  • Negotiate competitive pricing for CTO and master contracts to maximize cost-efficiency.

ISV Certification and Benchmarking:

  • Handle ISV certification and benchmarking, guaranteeing standards and performance.

Proof of Concept and Transition Readiness:

  • Demonstrate hardware performance, compatibility, and readiness for smooth transitions.

Our automated deployment solutions cater to various industries, including healthcare, oil & gas, life science, retail, architectural, AI, and manufacturing. Processes covered include Microsoft Sysprep, driver installations, common app installations, antivirus setup, encryption configuration, and more.

By embracing automation, your IT professionals can focus on critical tasks like cloud management and security.

Experience a seamless transition and optimized hardware performance. Contact us today to learn more about our automated hardware deployment services for OEM partners. Let's make your solutions outperform and eliminate last-minute model changes.

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